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Praise God for my trip last month on (Sep.5 – Oct. 5, 2009) was really a blessing trip. God’s been so good to me, keeping and protecting me all along the way. I was then in Baguio and Tabuk highland areas, not so affected by the typhoon which was then hitting Manila and suburb, and flooding many low landers, devastating damage to houses and properties and loss of lives. God did open many opportunities for me to witness to my friends and relatives. Amazingly, I was able to witness and share with many who are non-christian as well as uplifting those in their faith walk with our Lord. Thank God, one Buddhist lady being a devoted believer for more than three decade came to accept Jesus during my visit with her. Another young lady reaffirm her faith in Christ while dinning together. I did speak in a funeral service comforting people about the hope in Christ. Unexpectingly, I was able to visit my former pastor Rev. Samuel Sze who was hospitalized with Alzhemeir and fever. The most saddened and heart-breaking moment was that he couldn’t recognized me anymore! I could only pray and trust him to the Lord.

During my stay with my brother Peter, I helped him to edit his manuscript about our Ng’s family history and shared some more input with him. We had a wonderful time together and enjoyed our fellowship. I felt so honored for their warmest welcome and their love and service to the Lord!

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  1. Jacoby says:

    Your aswner was just what I needed. It’s made my day!

  2. Mariekniny says:

    Very interesting subject , thankyou for posting .

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